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RBR History

Complete Transformation

Few are aware of the complete transformation Red Barn Ranch has undergone over the years, from a rugged section of land with a century-old sheep barn to a beautiful oasis, retaining the rustic sheep barn that was repaired and restored into a classy celebratory hub for weddings, family gatherings and events of all kinds.

Red Barn Ranch Events History
Red Barn Ranch Events History
Red Barn Ranch Events History
Red Barn Ranch Events History RBR History
Red Barn Ranch Events History RBR History
Red Barn Ranch Events History
Red Barn Ranch Events History
Red Barn Ranch Events History

Our History

The property where Red Barn Ranch sits is part of a long family history which spans generations. But it wasn’t always the charming venue it is now. In fact, our beloved namesake Red Barn almost met with an unfortunate demise in the early 2000s. Back then, the owner, Alex Rorabaugh, offered to pay someone to tear down the century old sheep barn that was on his ranch. However, Alex’s grandson, Kris Rorabaugh, saw that the barn had potential for better things.

In 2001, Kris purchased a portion of the ranch and began working to beautify the property. He saw potential in the beautiful area and hoped to make something really special which would integrate the various historic features. Kris and his father Jerry spent months repairing the barn, building fences, installing drainage systems and a beautiful bass pond, and transforming the property into what it is today.

Transforming the Property

Over the last two decades, Red Barn Ranch has been transformed into the dream location it is today. Years of work have gone into improving and upgrading all areas of the property, focusing our efforts on making the ranch self-sustainable. To see more features, view our Interactive Map HERE.

Red Barn Ranch Events History

Self-sustainability Upgrades

Upgrades we’ve made include:

  • We have installed solar panels that keep our ranch running all year long
  • Rainwater during the winter months is collected in ponds
  • The rainwater is redistributed throughout the property via gravity flow, keeping our lawns fresh and green and our plants thriving
  • In the spring and summertime, as a fire protection measure, we strategically move our cattle to various grazing spots around the ranch to keep the grass trimmed.

A Great Location

We are easy to find, located just 3 miles off Highway 101 and from quaint downtown Hopland, where you can find:

  • Local, fresh restaurants with many unique specialties
  • Lovely historical buildings
  • Wine tasting & historic wineries
  • Shopping, antique stores, and boutiques
Additional dining and lodging accommodations can be found 15-20 minutes away in Ukiah (to the north) and Cloverdale (to the south).

Be sure to check out our Go Local Page to learn more about our neck of the woods.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our property and are ready to accommodate you in any way we can. Serving visitors from all over the North Bay and Coast, we are happy to offer you a convenient, affordable and friendly venue. As we’ve worked to build our own little paradise, we are happy to share the beauty of our property with you, to be the classy, rustic dream spot for your wedding or other celebratory event.

Let us show you what small town hospitality is all about!

It’s Going to be Perfect!

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